If music be the food of love, play on

My life comprises of many different noises, some of these form my blog posts whilst others are ones that create the ambience that surrounds my day.

I decided that it is about time I started listing music that I listened to so that too could form part of my cyberspace memory bank. I guess on average I download at least a couple of albums a week (actually probably three on average) so I always have new stuff to listen alongside my old.

The list will mainly be this new music I’ve downloaded rather than my already extensive collection but I can’t promise some of the old stuff may not creep in from time to time because after all I had it on my playlists for a reason.

You’ll find the weekly update in my topic list – Aural Delights or click on the links below:

My Aural Delights – Week Commencing 07.05.12

My Aural Delights – Week Commencing 14.05.12 (updated 15.05.12)

My Aural Delights – Week Commencing 21.05.12

My Aural Delights – Week Commencing 28.05.12

My Aural Delights – Week Commencing 04.06.12

My Aural Delights – Week Commencing 11.06.12

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