A case for Mulder and Scully ?

Apparently the ‘Truth is out there’ and with today being designated International UFO Day unless they happen to be already here walking amongst us and I’ve simply missed the breaking news story then I guess that’s the only place they could be.

What’s so special about the 2nd July I don’t know but I guess it’s as good a day as any to pick as the day for celebrating the existence (or not) of UFO’s.

Just outside Rachel (That’s the place in Nevada not a person) you’ll find the famous ‘Black Mailbox’ where UFO hunters will undoubtably gather to seek out new life – they do most days but tonight I guess the place will be heaving. Groom Lake or Area 51 is ‘the’ must stop for all budding UFO hunters and tourists alike.

For those that go there for the first time they will undoubtably be disappointed not as you may think because of a lack of aliens but unless someone has repainted it recently I remember the mailbox as not being ‘Black’ as the name would suggest but actually being ‘White’ – shucks !

Now I’m not personally a believer in extraterrestrial green men / green women (why green ?) as such – I have never been abducted and experimented on (unless they also wiped my memory), I have never seen unidentified lights in the sky nor have I ever had an inclination like Richard Dreyfus in the Close Encounters film to build a mock up of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming out of mashed potato in our kitchen (my wife would not be quite as understanding as his was as – at the very least I’d have to clean up before being allowed out on a road trip !).

But as for the theory that out there somewhere in the cosmos there is some form of intelligent life then yes I suppose I subscribe to that. I mean we live on such a small piece of real estate when compared to the vastness of the universe that by the law of averages there has to be something else. The odds against the circumstances for life just happening on Earth are just too great – a bit like winning the lottery every week in every country forever multiplied by a googolplex (and probably then some).

But there in lies the problem in my mind….I believe we will never know because the odds of either we finding them or vice-versa are also as great – not so much a needle in a haystack more like a needle in a multi-star system.

Our own galaxy the Milky Way apparently contains 200 billion stars or more (rough estimate) of which we on earth can only see about 8500  – that in itself is a lot of potential places to look but when you add in that the Milky Way is one of billions of galaxies then you can see the problem. It always reminds me of a quote from Douglas Adams

“Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

So as for the search for extra-terrestial life, I think we should ask them to reform and just hand over the case to Mulder and Scully. It only took them an hour or so each week to resolve something equally as mysterious. So for me, I’ll leave it to them and see if they can solve it – I have much more important things to do.

But that said, maybe just for tonight, just in case, I’ll be keeping an eye on the sky as well.

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6 Responses to A case for Mulder and Scully ?

  1. jmgoyder says:

    Great post – I used to love that show!

  2. Tracie Louise says:

    I’ve been there!!! It was SO cool… I’m not sure if I am a believer or not, but I am a total sci-fi fan, and it was such a kick to go to Rachel.

    • Rob says:

      I know after hearing so much about it I had to stop off even though there’s actually not that much to see – Little A’le’inn being about it and that’s tiny and dare I say a little bit tacky (or to be kinder I should say quirky like a lot of ‘roadside attractions’ along the various US highways !) – somehow I imagined it to be different. Was the mailbox white or black when you went? – I was one of the disappointed ones as it was actually white !

      • Tracie Louise says:

        it was white… and we actually had lunch at the Little A’le’inn… just toasted sandwiches from memory… and yeah.. totally cheesy.. the inn… not the sandwiches… although knowing me, it was probably cheesy as well. I did buy t-shirts and sign that up until only a week ago (cause my house is on the market) I had in my window which read… “area 51… trespassers may disappear without a trace”.. I thought it was hilarious, but so many of my visitors didn’t get it.

  3. Madelaine says:

    ET……phone home! 😉

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