Don’t waste it

Believe it or not this is really a clock !

Today is a very special day but one that will largely go forgotten so to ensure you don’t waste even a second of it ( no pun intended) I thought I’d let you know.

Before the invention of the Atomic Clock we all coordinated our measurements of time on the rotation of the earth – the rising of the sun and all that.

Now this caused many issues as it is a bit inconsistent to say the least. We have advanced technologically by leaps and bounds over the last 100 years or so and therefore consistency of time has become ever more relevant to our daily lives. It is now actually important that aside from the time zone implications changing the designated hours, clocks in Tokyo are set to read the same ‘time’ as those in New York or London or Sydney.

This is the reason that every so often we must actually add a second to make sure that the world continues to revolve correctly and planes don’t crash into each other due to a scheduling mismatch.

Technically speaking although it isn’t today nor was it yesterday, at Midnight (in a made up addition to our space-time continuum) it happens to be one of these times when even our highly accurate atomic clocks need to add a ‘leap second’.

I believe this to have been at midnight UK  Time as the Atomic Clock at the National Physics Laboratory is recognised (currently) as the most accurate in the world. It was at 23:59:59 on the 30.06.12 (June the 30th for those that use alternate date designation) that the atomic clock didn’t suddenly click across to 00:00:00 but in a quirk that only scientists really understand we added a second.

So for a fraction of a minute (1/60th to be precise) the atomic clock read 23:59:60.

So whatever you do don’t waste it – this added time in your life. Use it to email to say Hell (if like me you probably can’t type Hello quick enough !), or just maybe to think of someone special or do something else that takes hardly anytime at all.

But if for whatever you didnt realise your massive opportunity and have done nothing about it don’t worry too much as there will be another one along relatively soon – just don’t blink as you may miss it !

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7 Responses to Don’t waste it

  1. jmgoyder says:

    I am trying not to blink!!!

  2. before I read the post, I looked at the picture and thought “what IS this? a wierd dairy manufacturing thingy?” I seriously expected to be reading about milk, not time! LOL! and since I HATE milk (it makes me BAD sick…no joke!) I was much happier learning it had nothing to do with it!
    very informative post! 🙂

    • Rob says:

      No nothing to do with milk so you can rest easy.
      It is in fact the actual caesium clock used to set international time. As with all waves, the radiation from a caesium atom has a certain frequency (i.e., it completes a certain number of full waves in a second, similar to the way a pendulum completes a certain number of swings in a minute) and this frequency can be measured. This means that a clock can be based on the wave frequency of an electron’s transition energy in an atom, in a similar way to a clock based on the swinging of a pendulum. In this way the caesium atom defines the SI second. The second is 9 192 631 770 periods of the electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by the ground state hyperfine transition of the caesium atom. This means that a second is the amount of time it takes for the radiation from this transition to complete 9 192 631 770 full waves.

      And there endeth the physics lesson for tonight.Too much science is never good at weekend.

      PS: I knew the basics of the above statement but did look up the detail for you – hate for you to think it was 9 192 631 771 full waves LOL

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