Travel Theme: Parks

It’s that time of the week again and with reference to Ailsa’s latest posting found here here is my interpretation.

Now there are loads of Green Parks I’ve been to, you know the ones where there are acres of nothingness aside of course from a few trees. Sometimes these have contained within them a boating lake or even a children’s playground but all in all they are very relaxing places to simply walk around in or just sit and watch the world go by.

There are others though that I am much more partial to, these are a bit more exciting, they stimulate the senses and I find that all things considered these are my favourite kind of parks.

I am of course talking about Theme Parks – The thrill of the rides with the added benefit of having an excuse to eat junk food (as that’s all normally is available !)

So here’s a couple of photos from one of my favourites of the many parks visited over the years: Why favourite…well firstly it was a family holiday, secondly it was great weather, thirdly by staying in the resort hotel we got early access to the park meaning less queuing  and fourthly it was much less busy than the equivalent Disney Type resort and thus in itself became much more enjoyable. It was also the first park where my son went on an adult roller coaster ride all on his own – he was so pleased with himself ! (Note that it wasn’t Dragon Khan with it’s eight inversions but the wooden coaster Stampida was still mightily big when you pretty small yourself)


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8 Responses to Travel Theme: Parks

  1. is this the Universal park near Barcelona?
    fyi, we live a 1.5 hr drive away from Orlando, where Disney and Universal both have a huge presence. Our preference is also Universal and we go there almost exclusively whenever we get a hankering to spend too much money! hahahahahaha!! Always have a great time, though because there’s far less waiting in lines and better rides (imo) than at the Disney parks!

    • Rob says:

      Yes it’s in a place called Salou which is about an hours drive from Barcelona. Also has a big water park next door called Costa Caribe.

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  3. ailsapm says:

    Haha, totally blindsided me there, After that line ‘acres of nothingness aside of course from a few trees’ I was expecting you to wax lyrical about flowers. Instead I got Stampida. Excellent, unexpected take on the theme parks (no pun intended!)

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  5. Jo Bryant says:

    Now that is some park…just the type for me.

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