Travel theme: Oceans

My submission to the Travel theme : Oceans, as per the original posting by Ailsa which can be found at

You may be wondering what the picture has to do with the theme as it hardly represents the common view of an ocean.

View from Bridge over the Atlantic

However the picture was taken from a special bridge – one that you can find spanning the Clachan Sound just South of Oban.

The Clachan Bridge designed by Thomas Telford connects the mainland to the Island of Seil.

So what does this bridge have to do with the theme ?

Well it is known worldwide as the ‘Bridge over the Atlantic’ and hence at least in my own opinion deserving of entry !

Seil Bridge


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13 Responses to Travel theme: Oceans

  1. Indeed, the Atlantic is an ocean:)

  2. Magical. Nothing more amazing and breathtaking than a vast, calm, blue, endless ocean. Beautiful.Have a blessed day.

  3. Jo Bryant says:

    love it…perfect and so unique. I had not heard of this before so love that you posted it and i just think those houses are the cutest

  4. It looks like an idyllic village by the water.

  5. ailsapm says:

    It’s absolutely deserving of an entry, Rob. I have heard of the Bridge over the Atlantic, but until now I’d never seen a photo of it. Is that the little village of Innish in the top photo?

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  11. Gotta love northern Scotland – just beautiful!

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