A Royal Jubilee treat

This long- weekend we are having in the UK is due to celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.

Now there will probably many posts about those celebrations so I thought to be different  I would write about a different kind of jubilee.

Although many have disappeared over the years one thing that often brought an end to any hunger pangs whilst I was driving around the UK was to see a little red sign with a rather pudgy looking cook on it – a bit like a grown up version of the Pillsbury Dough boy (obviously the addition of a red neckerchief will do nothing to disguise what repeatedly eating pastries from a young age will do to your waistline as he’s still as fat now !).

Little Chef logo

For the non-UK readers, Little Chef was a restaurant chain that specialised in no- frills meals (mainly various versions of English Breakfasts, from simple omelettes through to full ‘olympic’ platefuls including chips/ sautéed potatoes – I never said it was a healthy eatery). These places were originally found on A-roads everywhere and were relatively inexpensive places to eat.

As well as drinks and main meals they did also serve desserts – bit of a weird combination you may think….fried eggs and bacon followed by the likes of apple pie and cream but it often worked for me.

One thing on the desert menu though was my favourite (and co-incidentally was also my wife’s even before we met so can’t claim to have converted her) and that was the Jubilee Pancake.

If breakfasts are at the heart of the Little Chef menu, the fabulously flag-waving Jubilee Pancakes are its very soul.

Little Chef Jubilee Pancake

So Ladies and Gentlemen, by way of Jubilee Celebration, raise your glasses (of Little Chef milkshake) to the cherry-topped stack and bring on the ice cream.

Even better, to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, with every main meal Little Chef are giving away a free Jubilee Pancake … now I wonder where the closest one is – mmmmm !


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