A drop of the black stuff

Guiness World Record BookOne of the programmes I used to love to watch as a child was Record Breakers.

Hosted by Roy Castle it also starred twins Norris and Ross McWhirter who were the editors of the book that I always seem to get as a present at Xmas something of a tradition until quite recently we used to follow with my son.

The programme discussed and presented various records that were confirmed to be ‘World Records’ by the certified reference guide The Guinness Book of Records.

The series whilst I believe one of the longest running TV programmes failed to actually get itself into the record books.

However, by way of compensation, during the series I remember Roy actually breaking many World Records himself – many of them musically based as he was a very talented musician. He even sang the theme tune (in this clip also starring Cheryl Baker formerly of Bucks Fizz) although as you will witness, singing wasn’t his best talent.

Back to the thing that started the whole thing off, in 1978 it was on this date that the book itself broke a record and subsequently became one of the few books to actually reference itself.

Up until then The Bible was always recognised as the leading seller but with over 35 Million sales spanning over 100 countries and 25 languages Guinness World Records as it is now known took over the baton.

And in case you are wondering….yes the reason for it being known as Guinness World Records is that the then MD of the Guinness Brewery was instigational in getting the first volume researched and providing the funding to get it to publishing stage – so pleasure to countless thousands of ‘fact-o-philes’ around the world really is ultimately all down to a drop of the black stuff.


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4 Responses to A drop of the black stuff

  1. Eleenie says:

    Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without that book in my Christmas stocking!

    • Rob says:

      I always remember knowing exactly what it was despite all the wrapping paper due to its size and weight but was still excited to receive it….I also think it was the catalyst for the tons of information I appear to carry round in my head – facts that I somehow believed one day may be very important

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