Mustang Sally

Sally Ride Astronaut

Whilst not the first woman in space as she was preceded by two Russian Cosmonauts, Sally Ride or more correctly Dr. Ride was the first American. Today is not just her birthday but a day dedicated to her and the space programme in general.

Now as some of my readers may know already, I didn’t make the space programme and although envious of those that did, do recognise their great achievements.

To show her at work, it would be easy to put up a videoclip of ‘Challenger’ that she rode on but instead I thought about what is her worldly mode of transport ?-  the Shuttle being a little hard to park outside the local 7/11.  Working on the principle she’s a true American girl she must surely drive a muscle car and with a name like Sally I can’t see her in anything else than a 1965 Mustang.

So instead of a spacecraft here is an excerpt from the travails of Jimmy Rabbitte and his quest to form the “World’s Hardest Working Band,” bringing soul music to the people of Dublin, Ireland.

Here’s a song from ‘The Commitments’ – as in the words of Mack Rice/Wilson Pickett, she certainly did “Ride, Sally Ride”


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