One scoop or two ?

Movenpick Hotel IstanbulAnother of my hotel stays once found me in Istanbul – the gateway to the Orient. So was I booked into a traditional Eurasian Hotel…no I was actually booked into an Ice-Cream Factory.

Well not quite… but when I heard the hotel I would be staying at was the Movenpick all I could think of was the Swiss Luxury Ice-Cream maker – how was I to know their business portfolio was so diverse.

It was actually a very nice hotel situated in the Levent district close to Taksim Square. In reality more than being very nice just like it’s ice-cream variant the hotel exuded luxury and had won several world travel business hotel accolades.

Not only was I staying there but was also running a training event for a major oil company at the place so was given (in my mind at least) a bit more attention than the norm.

As a corporate resident I had full access to the Skyline Club lounge and bar situated on the top floor of the hotel. A bit like the first class business lounges at airports this provided free snacks and drinks (including alcoholic) so was in my element…just what I needed after a hard day’s work was a time to chill over a beer whilst grazing on the various delights laid out like a Turkish meze for me to sample.

On the third night of my stay whilst in the bar, I was approached by a young lady who introduced herself as the deputy manager of the hotel (as it transpired yes unfortunately it was business – I wasn’t being chatted up much to my ego’s dismay !). She asked to join me and that would I mind answering a few questions about the facilities etc.

I went through a series of questions until she had all the answers she required. Finally she asked “Have you tried our ice-cream”. I said I hadn’t (mainly because savoury food, and beer followed by ice-cream doesn’t always sit that well). “Well by way of thanks for your time, you must” and she proceeded to hand me a menu.

I didn’t particularly wish to offend her so looked through the menu and said “I’ll just have a scoop of vanilla please”.

She looked almost quizzical before saying “are there any flavours you don’t particularly like ?”

I said “no not really” and her reply was “ok, leave it with me” and off she went.

About ten minutes later a waitress approached the table next to me, there was a group of six sat there and they all looked expectingly at the large bowl the waitress was carrying.

But she didn’t stop there…she carried on past their table and presented me instead with this, what looked like the world’s supply of ice-cream.

Movenpick Ice cream selection

I was glad I only asked for ‘one scoop’ !


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