Did you hear the one about the….

Picture of Queen VictoriaThis is no joke…Today being the Monday preceding May 25th it is Victoria Day also I understand celebrated in Canada as National Patriots’ Day.

What does this mean as such, well for one thing it means the Canadians get a day off.

Now as a part of the Commonwealth of Nations then maybe there is a reason why they should be celebrating.

And celebrate they do, from Parades to Firework displays and I’m sure as well that lots of beer gets drunk to commemorate the fact.

Even the Canadian band Rush once got in the act writing about the event on their ‘Lakeside Park’ track found on ‘Caress of Steel’ (this also contains Bastille Day so a very ‘event’ orientated album indeed).

So well done Canada as rather ironically in the UK, the place where she actually reigned for over sixty three years, we don’t celebrate at all.

This is where the joke is really – yet another occasion for us Brits to not be officially able to celebrate our heritage (The Feast of St George – Patron Saint of England being another day our government don’t recognise as a public holiday !).

If someone had ever said to Queen Victoria “Did you hear the one about the country that wouldn’t choose to celebrate your Birthday ? No ? Well guess what…it’s your own !”.

I’m sure her reply would have been swift and to the point….

“We are not amused”


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3 Responses to Did you hear the one about the….

  1. Eleenie says:

    Hear hear! Couldn’t agree with you more!

  2. In Canada we feel the need for a holiday Monday every month. Thank you Queen Victoria, for providing our May long week-end!

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