Wake me up for the good stuff

I wish I remember the event well but I don’t.

At just before 1:30am I was woken up and carried downstairs. Now to clarify this wasn’t an event from the other day – as a fully grown six foot male not many things would be able to carry me anywhere – lifts and automobiles being two of the more sensible options.

This was a long time ago, in fact it was over 40 years ago when I was a very small child that my dad came into my room, woke me up and told me I just ‘had to see this’.

Sleepily I was put over his shoulder and taken downstairs into the lounge. My first thoughts were why was the telly still on and why weren’t my mum and dad in bed. After all it was still very dark outside and being July was nowhere near Christmas – as if it were, the last thing I would have needed was to be carried downstairs to see if Santa had been.

What was happening was the first moon landing….on our little black and white tv we could all vaguely see the spaceship (or lunar module as I now know it to be known) drifting downwards towards the surface. It wasn’t as interesting to me as The Woodentops or indeed Pinky and Perky but my mum and dad seemed excited.

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle, in a landing...

I was just very tired…the fact that one of the most important events in history was unfolding before my eyes registered very little in comparison with Morpheus trying to take me in his arms and make me drift off myself.

I can’t even remember the landing itself but between ‘jelly necking’ – that thing you do when you fall asleep when you are sitting upright trying desperately to keep your eyes open and then without any warning your head collapses downwards under it’s own weight towards your chest before you jerk it suddenly upwards  – I do sort of remember being startled by my mum’s gasp as the hatch was opened and then nothing….

I fell fast asleep…

I missed the point where Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon…

I missed the famous quote “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”…

I missed Buzz Aldrin joining him on the surface…

I missed the flag being unfurled and the plaque being placed, in fact I missed everything else that night.

I was carried back up to bed sometime later. It was only the next day my dad told me all the event’s I missed, all of the famous bits you see now repeated on YouTube, all the best bits.

I guess you could say I was technically there to witness the event live but wonder at the time, as I do now, whether I ever had the thought…

Mum, Dad; if you are going to do it at all, please at least ensure you wake me up for the good stuff.


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If you want to know more about what goes on in the chemical soup that I call a brain then have a trawl through my blog where my life to a degree is unveiled. Enjoy my life - I'm trying to. Rob
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2 Responses to Wake me up for the good stuff

  1. Genie says:

    I was playing on the swingset when my parents insisted I come inside. I saw the moon landing, but my frame of mind was “I had to stop playing for this?” lol

    • Rob says:

      i wonder how many events in history have been dismissed by children as other much more fun things have taken priority. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

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