On the grand scale of things not many experiences in my life have been traumatic…days,weeks, months, even years may have gone by without the slightest thing upsetting the apple cart.

Then sometimes, completely out of the blue, something occurs that has a devastating effect – one such thing happened the other day.

It has taken me ’til now to actually sit down and write about it – that’s how traumatised I am.

It wasn’t something I’d predicted and any such event really was far from my mind. I never thought the day would come but it did and needless to say I wasn’t prepared at all.

My wife had broken my heart…

I don’t really believe she did it maliciously, just something inside her, call it a moment of madness, call it desperation, however you term it something made her choose to do something really bad.

Maybe for those of you who are now very concerned and shocked I should elucidate.

My wife was on a self-imposed diet…she had spent the last few months more or less rigidly sticking to her meal plan. This involved cutting out all the so-called treats including biscuits and chocolate.

But not that fateful day…the day she chose to break my heart.

What’s more to make matters worse she didn’t just break my heart but also broke her diet and actually ate some !

Here is the evidence….as you can quite plainly see she is ‘Guilty as Charged !’


About Rob

If you want to know more about what goes on in the chemical soup that I call a brain then have a trawl through my blog where my life to a degree is unveiled. Enjoy my life - I'm trying to. Rob
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4 Responses to Heartbroken

  1. caracaleo says:

    Shell like this song 🙂 so cute I just jump around and listen too it. Plus I want that chocolate

    • Rob says:

      No…. the chocolate’s all mine !!!! Quite an upbeat song for someone who believes in the lyrics they may find themselves Brokenhearted !
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment

  2. jmgoyder says:

    You scared us!

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