Iris Day

Apparently today is Iris Day.

Now I know that it really means a day devoted to the flower but instead as there may be many posts in that ilk I thought I would stray from the norm. I thought instead I would share the Iris that I like the most of all, one that was penned by the Goo-Goo Dolls.

It goes like this….(sorry if some see adverts I can’t seem to remove them despite my coding attempts)

The song was named “Iris” by guitarist/vocalist John Rzeznik in tribute to Iris DeMent.

Rzeznik found an article about her and thought she had a nice name, and thus chose it for the song title.

Happens also to be part of a great overall soundtrack to the film ‘City of Angels’  that I’ve posted about before in a previous blog ‘Just one kiss …’.

Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do and to paraphrase it “if you just want to know who I am” then please check out my other posts or even feel free to sign up and follow my life – I’d be happy to have you join me along the way.


About Rob

If you want to know more about what goes on in the chemical soup that I call a brain then have a trawl through my blog where my life to a degree is unveiled. Enjoy my life - I'm trying to. Rob
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