Light as a feather

“Yankee Doodle went to town, Riding on a pony; He stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.”

When I was much younger I sort of mentally blocked out the part of the line about ‘feather in his hat’ in the song and was convinced instead that Yankee Doodle wandered about with a chunk of pasta stuck to his head.

Little did I know the reference ‘macaroni’ was instead to a man who exceeded the ordinary bonds of fashion dressing and that Yankee Doodle was originally sung by the British to mock the dishevelled Yankees.

Ironically I believe it is now recognised as a patriotic song and is also from memory the state anthem of Conneticut (apologies Conneticans if I’m wrong).

I wonder not now about the term macaroni but whether that patriotism is why Mac and Cheese also became so popular albeit mainly in the Confederate South !

Every Soul Food restaurant there is appears to have it’s own version on the menu being so popular I can even remember it been served to me deep fried – well if the Scottish can have Deep fried Mars Bars then what’s so strange about Deep fried Mac.

As for me I don’t have it that often (even normal Mac not just the deep fried variety) but when I do I always find it to be delicious – as simple home cooked food often is. But unless I have completely the wrong recipe, hardly is it light as a feather as the song suggests instead I find it is wholesome food that is designed to fill you up and comfort you.

Mac and Cheese, a heavyweight of protein and carbs that now has me wishing it was suppertime already.



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