My Secret Garden

Maybe this should have been one of my first posts but I never promised them to be in any sort of order hence they truly are ramblings

I guess I’ve sort of covered it in the ‘About me and this blog‘ section but just in case you haven’t stumbled across that part I’ll give you a bit more detail.

There is a reason I called my blog ‘My Secret Garden’.

Firstly there is a restaurant called ‘The Secret Garden’ that belongs to the ‘Witchery By The Castle’ in Edinburgh. Tucked away in a courtyard away from prying eyes it is only open to a select few who bother to seek out what’s inside.

Secondly (and mainly) it is from the book and television programme of a similar name. The Secret Garden was a book I read as a child and then later saw as a dramatisation on BBC.

Whilst not quite ‘living’ in the sense implied by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Garden, I believe that by posting on my blog I actually get not just a place to present my thoughts and memories but by rationalising these I do experience in part the healing power inherent in a living (well virtual) thing, an offloading of noise almost cathartic in it’s expression (that was what Frances was exploring when she wrote the book).

The interaction I get also allows me to grow as a person experiencing comments and posts from those who have shown an interest in me and allows me to a degree to shake off my own personal shackles and run just like Colin does in Frances’ book.

In the past I have locked things up and tucked away the key. Some things I believed are better kept hidden from the world. Now before anyone starts phoning he police I haven’t murdered anyone and put their body in the shed (with bikes, tools, suitcases and other stuff in there already there isn’t the room !)

I haven’t kept things hidden necessarily because of fear or embarrassment but mainly because I wasn’t sure whether anyone would actually be bothered to listen to my ramblings. Occasionally someone has taken the time to seek out the key asking “what’s wrong ?”, “what’s on your mind ?” and if I felt their interest was genuine then I may have unlocked my thoughts and talked about them. Other times I have felt I want to share a memory but haven’t anyone around at that time to share it.

But one of the main reasons for the postings is to create a semi-permanent record for myself and any others who wish to learn just a little bit about me as an individual.

So there you have it…’My Secret Garden’

And as a question not just to Contrary Mary out there but to all…. Have you thought about why you blog…ever thought about how does your own garden grow, is it all for the silver bells and cockle shells or is there a much more important reason ?


About Rob

If you want to know more about what goes on in the chemical soup that I call a brain then have a trawl through my blog where my life to a degree is unveiled. Enjoy my life - I'm trying to. Rob
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One Response to My Secret Garden

  1. jmgoyder says:

    This is great! I loved that book as a child and I think it is a fantastic name for your blog. You have really got me thinking about why I blog but I am finding it a rather difficult and big and complicated question to answer so thank you for getting my mind into motion!

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