It’s a mystery !

This post has nothing to do with Bob Seger or Toyah Wilcox but the fact that I stumbled across a site on the internet the other day that belonged to a business selling sweets. Not your common or garden sweets but ones that hark back from yesteryear.

Some sweets have survived the confectionary evolution – maybe simply because they’ve been re-branded for instance Opal Fruits became Starburst or Marathon Bars became Snickers but some others just simply vanished from the shelves.

Until now…now I can re-live my childhood with samples of Spanish Gold Sweet Tobacco (sweet coconut flavoured strips dusted in chocolate), Sherbert Dib Dabs (the one with the red lolly) and Chewits (Cola ones were my fave). I can order online and to my dentist’s horror, pounds (or should that now be kilo’s) of sweet sugar based loveliness can be delivered straight to my door.

But within a fairytale there can also be a sad ending. My favourite sweet is no longer available, the one I’ve searched for over and over still eludes me.

No-where can I find Spangles (and in case you need reminding, they were square glassy style sweets with slightly rounded corners and a dimple in the middle of each side a bit like the frog on a house brick). They were individually wrapped in a greaseproof type paper and they came in a packet of about ten (I guess you could say they were like ‘Tunes‘ that you can still get today but without the any of the “make you breathe more easily” element!). Even the packet logo dated the sweets – very 1970’s-ish writing similar to those of television programmes from the same era namely ‘The Tomorrow People’ and that Blue Peter alternative ‘Magpie’.

Original Spangles came in a packet with a selection of different flavours or there were also single flavour packs, blackcurrant for example. Then there was an Old English Spangles variety, where the flavours were of traditional boiled sweets including pear drop (whose smell always reminds me of the smell of nail varnish remover).

But my favourite flavour of all – the one Spangle I always sought out was the one whose paper wrapping was special, it had question marks on it and to this day despite me remembering it was my favourite of all I still don’t know what flavour it actually was. To me it remains unknown, to me even today… it’s a mystery !


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5 Responses to It’s a mystery !

    • Rob says:

      Yes… Nothing like great memories to make you smile – perhaps though with reference to this particular piece of nostalgia with slightly less teeth 🙂

  1. Eleenie says:

    I loved Sherbert Dib Dabs, wonderful memories!

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