Where did the dinosaurs go ?

Today as you may already be aware is Earth Day 2012.

There’s a certain irony for everyone like me that posts about the subject being that in order to do so I’ve had to switch on my computer hence using electricity which as for me and the fact that I live in a sun-starved country means we cannot generate enough solar power and have to rely on nuclear or coal fired power stations to provide it – not exactly carbon neutral.

I do have a question though about being green…

I personally can’t quite work out this carbon footprint malarky…I’ve tried to measure mine and sometimes it’s off the scale – flying long haul for instance would have me planting so many trees in penance I would have to apply for a re-zoning certificate for the garden. And when all these trees are planted my basic science knowledge leads me to believe they need Carbon Dioxide for the purpose of respiration so does that mean I would then need to leave my computer switched on permanently along with my mobile charger and other gadgets to help out using power generated by stations which in turn are thus pumping great quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – expensive this becoming environmentally friendly process is, perhaps I should buy shares in an electricity company.

I often also wonder whether too little carbon dioxide is really why the Dinosaurs died out…I have a theory – there were no TV’s, Computers or Lightbulbs back then, nor were there gazillions of Cars, Buses, Trains and Planes. So there wasn’t anywhere near as much carbon dioxide being produced and as the mass of greenery that covered the planet needed this to produce oxygen it became a bit of a problem…a lack of carbon dioxide meant not only did the plants start to die but also they produced less oxygen, less oxygen meant suffocating dinosaurs, reducing quantities of dinosaurs meant even less carbon dioxide and so the vicious cycle would have continued until all the dinosaurs died out (I am making the big assumption that the growing insect population and the various bacteria and other creatures feeding of the dinosaur carcasses didn’t make up the shortfall). There may be a flaw in my argument but I personally believe it’s as good a reason for them to have met their maker as the planet being struck by a gigantic meteorite – although if that truly was the case I bet they were wondering where were Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck then to help them out from their own personal Armageddon ?

So where did the dinosaurs go?

Well like you and I when we eventually cease to breathe we join the dinosaurs that previously walked the earth and I am guessing after a period of several millennia or so just like them our bodies will be compressed into coal and oil that may be used to fuel the power stations of the future. We like them become a recyclable energy source.

So not just today – Earth Day 2012, please remember each and every time you turn on a light or switch on your computer – the electricity being used is possibly all thanks to Mr Tyrannosaur – as he was first to die out, like Rex, he was the greenest one of us so far !


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