Turf Wars

There is a saying that states “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.

This saying apparently comes from the idea of looking at your neighbours lawn and seeing it as better looking, healthier and overall greener then your own when in reality you’re just ignoring anything negative about it and downplaying everything positive about your own.

Oh I wish that were true…unfortunately it isn’t, in fact it is so far from the truth I am seriously considering taking legal action. The fact is our neighbours do have a pristine lawn whilst we have a patch of ground you’d often be hard pressed to call scrub. It doesn’t look too bad sometimes as the picture above shows (that by the way is one of the best bits as I’m too embarrassed to show the worst !) and generally looks ok if just a bit unkempt when the grass is long. But once it has been trimmed back to a english standard bowling green type length just like the act of taking scissors to an old man’s comb-over, it doesn’t hide the bald bits anymore.

Now admittedly my neighbours’ lawn doesn’t suffer the effects of having to also support a dog that likes to dig capture pits that would have Indiana Jones struggling to escape from, nor do they possess the evil and menacing Digmo (<– please click to see an earlier post if you wish to find out more). However clearly outside of those they do obviously have the proverbial green fingers, and referencing their grassy evidence, it is apparent that from their wrists up to way past the elbows must be green as well.

The only thing about me that’s as green as their grass is the envy I have each and every time I view the fruits of their labour. How jealous I am of that beautiful lawn.

I admit they have won the battle but will they win the Turf War ? I think not….I have a cunning plan !

Forget my question in an earlier post about where I could find some sheep….anyone know the number to the local Astroturf supplier – at least that will always be a perfect shade of green – let’s see them beat that in the summer drought now that the hosepipe ban has come into force !


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2 Responses to Turf Wars

  1. jmgoyder says:

    You are so funny!

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