Causing an Argument (Possible 61 or higher)

Life is like a game of Scrabble…it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an ‘ i ‘

I am led to believe that today is National Scrabble Day. So grab your tiles and shuffle them in your bag the game is on…

I must admit I was never very good at Scrabble. It’s not that I didn’t know very many words just that the words I did know never seemed to be accepted due to the ‘rules’ of the game.

Thus whenever I ended up playing Scrabble I also almost always seemed to get into conflict regarding the validity or otherwise of certain words. “You can’t use that word”, “You don’t spell it like that” were two of the milder forms of the start of the argument to come.

So to try to overcome these arguments I actually memorised several words that should be acceptable to Scrabble aficionados’ – trouble is because of my competitive streak these are both high scoring and a tad obscure which tends to exacerbate the arguments.

Thus within any game in an attempt to avoid the end result of continuous argumentative bickering or even worse violent reprisals, I end up stopping placing the unusual words and instead aim to end the game as quickly as possible by preferring to ‘concede’ (62) or even better on occasions I have actually ‘capitulated’ (66).

However best of all in an attempt to end the game once I even ‘quizjuxled’ (179 on a triple word score)*

*NB: Quizjuxled is as far as I’m aware a made up word but as at the time I had already been arguing for a while about word validity I thought “what the hell”.


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