A smashing read ?

Today is a special day for all us bibliophiles out there. Today we should make a special effort to abandon any prior arrangements and settle down instead with a favourite book.

Today is D.E.A.R Day otherwise known as Drop Everything And Read Day.

Although this day was originally aimed at children I don’t see why they alone should benefit…I mean whether I end up reading to a child or not there’s lots of interesting and entertaining children’s books. And as none of my nephews are handy and my son believes he is too old to have dad read him a story then I guess I’ll be alone with the likes of Red Fish Blue Fish, The Gruffalo, The Faraway Tree, Alice In Wonderland or one of many other fabulous reads.

I guess it proves the worth of these stories that I can still enjoy them although I’m no longer a child. Whether it is mainly because of the memories that they bring back or just the fact that immersing yourself into children’s stories allows an escape from the hard reality of life I don’t really know. What I do know is that I’m glad like the people I hold dear to me that they blessed my life.

The one thing I’ve got to remember though is to ensure whatever time I do choose to join D.E.A.R. day whatever I have got to hand shouldn’t actually be breakable as dropping it could be expensive and that could make it a very dear D.E.A.R. day indeed !


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3 Responses to A smashing read ?

  1. Well, that’s settled. I’ll drop everything and read. Just the day for it too …

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