Anyone for tea ?

Are you a coffee drinker ? I am …

I think you are either a coffee drinker or a tea drinker. At some point most people swear allegiance to one or the other – sure there may be occasions when you stray from the fold but generally I believe people stick to one as their main drink of choice.

So in order to entice us the marketeers at the various beverage companies ply us with TV adverts designed to entice us to try their particular brand or ‘God forbid’ switch allegiance.

The latest and in my humble opinion, the best of these currently is Twinings in their adverts for their Tea. They have gone all arty and removed themselves from the norm of couples enjoying a drink together (I would for the purposes of this statement class Johnny Vegas (as Al) and Monkey in the PG Tips advert as a couple). Instead Twinings have chosen to present a pastel cartoon-ish watercolour but to enhance this have added a great soundtrack.

It was the soundtracks not the cinematography that attracted me. The first advert contained a song by a lady called Charlene Soraia who covered a version of  ‘Wherever You Will Go’ by The Calling on their Camino Palmero album. The second is by Lissie Maurus who covered Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ from their Rumours album.

… You can watch the clips below whilst I go and make myself a pot of tea !


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