If you can read this …

Now luckily despite reaching what could be termed as middle age I still have all of my faculties.

For example unlike many of my peers I am yet to need glasses to be able to read small text (I’m sure it will come someday).

I am however concerned by the fact that as I have got older, one pseudo-faculty I haven’t lost is the inquisitiveness of youth. Now this is not a bad thing in many ways however there is one element of this that keeps annoying me, one that could be quite dangerous. Maybe Einstein’s quote on my previous post was aimed directly at me ? I do honestly try to prevent myself but sometimes my desire to know overcomes the logic inside my head which is screaming out that curiosity may well end up killing this cat.

Whilst driving I continually see cars in front of me with bumper stickers, I say bumper stickers but more often than not they appear in the rear window of the car. When I see these I should keep my distance, just concentrate on my journey but this is where my inquisitiveness sometimes takes over.

Whether it is the fact that vehicles made for the european markets (because they are much smaller in general than those made for instance for the US market) carry much smaller stickers than their American cousins I have no idea, but even though I am blessed with 20/10 vision (which to all the non-optometrists out there means I actually have exceptional eyesight not that I’m half blind in one eye),  I still sometimes find some of the writing a bit hard to read…so I find myself on occasions feeling very inquisitive and on those (thankfully rare) times move ever closer to the vehicle in front.

The times I do, the irony when all I see  is ‘If you can read this you are driving too close’ is almost impossible to bear.


About Rob

If you want to know more about what goes on in the chemical soup that I call a brain then have a trawl through my blog where my life to a degree is unveiled. Enjoy my life - I'm trying to. Rob
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4 Responses to If you can read this …

  1. Funny conclusion. I value inquisitiveness.

    • So do I just under much less dangerous potential circumstances – although the alternate in this case of following them until they stop before jumping out of my car and rushing madly up to theirs may unfortunately be perceived as stalking or road rage rather than curiosity and hence may result in even more danger to me 🙂

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