Please Mr Postman …

So many days you passed me by, See the tear standing in my eye, You didn’t stop to make me feel better, By leaving me a card or a letter  – The Carpenters

Despite this high­ly dig­i­tized technological world that we live in today, I still occasionally like to write – actually tear my hands away from the keyboard and grasp a pen…I may not write as much as I used to but once I progressed from using crayons (which despite what you may think if you saw my handwriting really was years ago) then no matter how long it is between letters I can still manage from time to time to put real pen to real paper.

Whilst it wasn’t a letter, writing a card the other week felt so good…sure like the content of most cards it didn’t say much but what it did came from my heart.

I can remember back to the time when we first met, that being separated by miles I used to write to my love nearly every day, rarely did a day go by when I didn’t send a card or a letter and yet hardly ever do I now put pen to paper – maybe because now I feel it doesn’t mean anything to her and yet back then she told me how much she looked forward to getting them. I don’t actually even know if she kept any (never actually asked) or whether they have just been discarded – those notes now seem a lifetime ago – perhaps I should start writing again ?

For me it seems that while email­ing, tex­ting, social net­work­ing and yes even blog­ging on WordPress, most cer­tain­ly have their place, so too does I believe a card sent through the post or words that can be saved for­ever contained within a hand-written note. There is nothing like knowing someone has taken the time out – really taken the time out to think just about you.

I can’t say whether people generally still like to receive letters but I would be amongst their number. I still find myself from time to time as the letterbox opens and I hear that ‘flumppf’ sound of the mail hitting the doormat, rushing to check it out; with the anticipation of a real letter, addressed specifically to me, sometimes on occasions I have actually beaten our husky to it.

Trouble is when I am lucky enough to get mail, mine these days always seems to arrive in brown envelopes and they are not written but typed and the contents usually start with the words, “What did you earn… last week /month / year” and finish with “send it to HMRC” – even their signatures are digitized.

Then my anticipation turns to acceptance…another day of disappointment – how I would love to receive a proper letter myself. I don’t mean a birthday card or a thank you note, just occasionally it would be nice to know someone just cared to send a letter without any special reason.

So Please Mr Postman, come on deliver the letter the sooner the better.


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