Are you just a fair weather friend ?

I do exercise…honestly I do. I don’t go running, nor do I go to a gym…but I do walk. Every day sees me out on a walk whatever the weather – rain, hail or shine.

Before you start applauding my commitment I must confess that was it just down to me it may be a different story…if it was pouring down with rain the little voice in my head would probably be saying “it’s nice and warm and dry in here, why on earth do you want to go out in the cold and wet?”

And I know through past experience that little voice can be very, very persuasive indeed.

But I am responsible for something else….my dog can’t take herself for a walk. Well she could but we’d probably not see her again as she’d be miles away and completely lost before she realised I wasn’t somehow attached to her by a leash. Yes, I have seen Disney’s Homeward Bound movies and how miraculously the pets always seem to find their way home but as Mischa appears to hate cats with a passion she’d not have the companionship to aid her journey (actually I don’t think she hates them just seems to want to play with them albeit in exactly the same way a cat would ‘play’ with a mouse).

Before you panic or start calling the RSPCA about irresponsible ownership and not caring about the potential for yet another ‘lost’ dog, we’ve had her RFID tagged so if she didn’t manage to get out by herself she could possibly be returned but you never know what could happen as she unfortunately is not a fully paid up member of the Tufty Road Safety Club.

As far as going for ‘walks’, she doesn’t mind if the snow is three feet deep or the rain is coming down so hard you get wet twice, once as some hits you on the way down and the second time as other drops bounce up off the ground. In all weather’s you will find me out for a walk (or being pulled on a scooter) with our Husky.

Dog’s love to be outside and funnily enough just like us are actually waterproof – I say that because I believe that to be an unknown premise by some owners. Think about it…the next time you’re in the bath do you soak up all the water like a sponge or does it only disappear when you pull the plug ?

Dogs don’t care what the forecast is, all they want is to be outside running and sniffing and doing all of the things dogs do.

And it’s in the bad weather, that’s when I find the people who appear the most committed to their canine pal, who too just like me have the ability to ignore the voices in their heads.

These are not fair weather friends who choose to spend time with the one they supposedly care so much about only when it suits them.

These are my comrades in arms who just like me really love their friend – they always find the time – whatever the weather !


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If you want to know more about what goes on in the chemical soup that I call a brain then have a trawl through my blog where my life to a degree is unveiled. Enjoy my life - I'm trying to. Rob
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4 Responses to Are you just a fair weather friend ?

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey Robert, enjoyed reading your blog 🙂 And thanks for stopping by!

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