100 not out …

Test Cricket is one of the most unfathomable sports to me. I have never understood exactly why during most matches, for three and a half of the four days most players apparently make no attempt to score any runs whatsoever but just knock the ball away with a modicum of effort.

The most energy any of them expend is when running back to the Pavilion for Tea – I don’t know what they put in the sandwiches but it must be much more exciting than cucumber perhaps a more globally influenced content such as Peanut Butter and Jelly.

For  three and a half days all you tend to witness is the grass growing ever so longer in the outfield – even the commentators have to spice up the events by chatting about stuff such as how many pigeons have invaded the pitch whilst praying silently to themselves that a streaker will appear just so proceedings can be livened up.

Then comes the final half day and often as is the case the oft boring staid opening and middle order batsmen have to try to score runs to allow their team to catch up resulting in them being caught or bowled out. The lower ranks hence get their opportunity at the crease…all of a sudden the game is transformed, wickets fall like ten-pins interspersed by the sound of leather against willow (which although sounds a little risqué is merely the ball being sent into orbit by a thrash of a bat swung carelessly but to great effect by an alleged less proficient batsman).

Somebody cottoned on to this fact that cricket is entertaining when players actually score runs and thus they invented 20 – 20 which has all the spectacle of a test match but condenessed into less than a days’ play. It like test cricket saved on Sky+ …being able to fast forward to all the good bits of a programme and skip past the dull.

This wasn’t actually supposed to be a post about cricket in case the title and content had you wondering just it appeared apt as a topic…I wondered when my 10th blogpost came and went as to when I would reach the next WordPress milestone. For cricket the milestone for any batman is when he scores his Century…a hundred runs.

This for me is my Century…my 100th post.

Just like using Sky + to watch the cricket, with WordPress you can quickly skip through the posts of mine that you dislike, ignore those you find dull and focus on just the ones you find entertaining (hopefully there are a least a few of those). However, just like a batsman raising his bat to the crowd in acknowledgement of his score, however this century has occurred, however well or otherwise you feel my own ‘runs’ have been scored….I thought I’d let you know….I’m not out yet.


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2 Responses to 100 not out …

  1. With you on the Cricket, and congrats on your hundred!

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