The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

I should learn never to trust actors or weather forecasters.

weather symbol

weather symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sweeping statement – but one which I believe true at least for certain actors and their song writer colleagues and particularly where weather is concerned. I meant if professional Weather Forecasters can’t get it right what hope have the mere amateurs.

My Fair Lady has a lot to answer for regarding accuracy !

I have been to Spain on numerous occasions and without a word of a lie be it visiting La Manga, Barcelona, Benidorm (yes I’ve been to the Costa Brit Pub), Salou or many other costal towns I have got wet.

The rain for me has never stayed on the plain, it has followed me around Spain like I am some sort of rain-god, soaking me through at every opportunity. If I were ever reincarnated as one of the figures in those novelty clocks shaped as houses that also predict the weather by one or other of the characters making an appearance, I would want to be the figure that comes out carrying an open brolly – just in case.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be the eternal weather optimist and learn not to just distrust the forecasters but also Rex Harrison (although to be fair to him his prediction that “In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen” is pretty accurate).

Or maybe to be sure of staying dry I should hedge my bets and just like the figure in the clock, pack an umbrella instead.


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2 Responses to The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

  1. I have staked a previous claim to be the unluckiest traveller when it comes to rain but I might have to concede that you have the edge on me! I have always been fortunate in Spain and the only time I have got wet is when I went to Cantabria and the Basque Country and that is not unexpected in the north of the country.

    • Thanks for your comments…and please take this in the spirit it is meant but I hope I can pass the baton back to you – be nice to be beside the seaside and dry for a change 🙂

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