Anatomy of a kiss…

“Kissing requires a total of 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. The most important muscle involved is the orbicularis oris muscle because it used to pucker the lips.” – Hanna

So working on belief on the accuracy of the quote have I found my new exercise regime? It is from the film of the same name so possibly open to a bit of poetic licence – or should that be filmic licence?

Despite several implausible events in the film I think at least this bit may be true – at least I hope so.

Working on the principle it is true all I have to do now is find a few willing volunteers to assist me and be kissees (Think that’s what recipients of kisses are called ?). I say volunteers in the plural because allegedly the more exercise you do the more you benefit – so it is a scientific approach not purely what you may be thinking for my own self-gratification.

Please also note that although whilst given the correct circumstances I’m not adverse to an occasional man-hug I don’t fancy actually kissing a guy (to help me try to shed the odd pound or two is not even close enough a good enough reason to do that) so am limiting my options to kisses involving the fairer sex.

And even if kissing lots of women doesn’t get me fit just the thought of it beats the one of jogging on a treadmill any day of the week – I can almost feel the weight dropping off !

PS: If successful in my quest for fitness and then subsequently my wife reads this I may actually have to find a different exercise regime as I guess it’s hard to kiss when your jaw is wired shut because it has been broken in three places !

PPS: I’m guessing three places…it may be more 😦


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