When is a convenience store not ?

We have a local convenience store. I should say we had a convenience store as now it has changed to an inconvenient store.

For example it used to operate like that well known American chain – no not Walmart but 7/11. Now it is more like 11/15:30.

I don’t know how it keeps going..the opening hours are shorter and the range of foodstuffs and essentials has gradually got smaller and smaller. When I manage to judge the opening timing correctly I go in there somedays and there is nothing (and by nothing I mean somethings, but hardly what you’d describe as everyday purchases). Last week’s examples included Rat Poison and Citronella Candles on the shelves (Bubonic Plague died out here years ago and it’s not quite BBQ weather yet).

Then to add insult to injury they’ve started a minimum purchase to use a debit card – I mean sometimes I just don’t have cash with me (if it’s good enough for Queen Liz not to carry cash it’s good enough for me) but don’t want to spend £10 to use my card – especially buying another pack of Rat Poison to make up the amount when all I want is a bottle of milk.

Just like the other day this means I am now forced to drive to the local petrol station where the nearest cashpoint is and whilst there surprise, surprise; they also sell milk, so rather than go back to the original shop I buy it from there (with my card).

The only problem the trip to the petrol station causes is the additional journey means I now have a slightly longer wait before I can get home to use it…how inconvenient !


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