To catch a thief…

I have nearly been arrested several times – Ha that got your attention ! Sorry to disappoint but I was no real wild child, neither when I got drunk did I go on any rampage just tended to smile more then go to sleep. In fact outside of a couple of penalty points on my driving license (now expired) I’ve been a good boy.

Actually the nearest I have ever come to be arrested was nothing to do with me…well I guess it was a little bit as I was supposed to be the responsible one.

It was a lovely day, the sky was bright blue, the breeze just cool enough to ensure the sun didn’t overheat us as we went out to Sutton Lawns to walk the dog. The lawns are generally quite deserted even though they are close to quite a large residential area. This day however just happened to be busier.

We ignored the main area and decided instead to walk around the lake. On our return towards the car park we could see a large crowd gathered. We were ushered to one side by a policeman who informed us that they were just about to start a Police Dog display so could we kindly ensure we kept to the path.

We decided to stay to watch the show…at first all that happened was one of the dog-handlers, dressed in plain clothes but covered in a padded suit, started making his way down the field away from the crowd. Through a megaphone another policeman informed the crowd that this ‘thief’ would be asked to stop by a police dog handler.  Then because he would ignore the commend the handler would then ‘set his dog’ on to the thief to demonstrate it’s prowess in being able to apprehend the villain.

On cue, off the thief started running….”Stop” shouted the policeman “or I will release my dog”. Obviously the man continued to run…now whilst this was just an exercise I honestly don’t know how many thieves would actually stop just because the local bobby happened to raise his voice.

“I’m releasing my dog” the handler cried and off went his Alsatian down the field. It was at this point I was all but jerked off my feet.

In all the excitement I had forgotten that we too had a dog…one with an immense prey drive…one with immense pulling strength…one who was bred to run…one who was very fast….very fast indeed.

In the time the Alsatian had done 15 metres , Mischa our Husky, had done nearly 30 which was right at the upper limit of the training lead she was attached too. She had seen the man start to run which to a Husky is like a red rag to a bull…anything moving means ‘Chase, Chase, Chase’. The fact I’m over 6ft tall and weigh probably three times as much as our dog didn’t stop her from wanting to get to the thief first. It didn’t stop the tug caused by the line going taut from half dragging me down the field with my arm nearly being torn out of it’s socket.

The crowd had stopped looking at the main show and instead were now looking at me and laughing at the sight of me trying to reel in was like trying to land a Great White Shark.

The only reason the Alsatian reached the ‘thief’ first was because it wasn’t also attached to a grown man but that didn’t stop the fact that this highly trained police dog had to all intents and purposes been utterly thrashed in the job by a pet Husky.

This fact wasn’t lost on the dog-handler who stormed over a bit red-faced explaining in a rather loud way how “I should keep my dog under control”. He continued to scream that “it was only luck that his Alsatian hadn’t turned on her instead” – I started to reply “only out of jealousy because”….(I was about to add your dog couldn’t catch a cold) but thought better of it as now he had been joined by several of his colleagues who were looking a bit peeved to say the least.

Mischa had ruined their display – she had turned a serious demonstration into a funny spectacle for the crowd who were still laughing.

I was told to immediately leave the area and whilst I wasn’t actually threatened with being arrested for a breach of the peace you could tell by their eyes that it was only because they would look even more foolish in front of the crowd.

As an aside from this I did however learn a valuable lesson that day…when the ‘thief’ was eventually caught by the Alsatian,  it sat there guarding him, barking furiously waiting for his handler to catch up who instead was otherwise engaged chastising me. So to end the exercise all the ‘thief ‘ did was throw a ball which the alsatian duly ran after instead.

So if I ever decide to go out burgling I know exactly what to take so the police can’t catch a thief…I just need a bouncy rubber ball.


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