The White Lady

There is a place in Nottinghamshire called Newstead Abbey. It was the ancestral home of Lord Byron and has many tales and legends about the happenings there through the ages.

One of these stories involves the ‘White Lady’.  She was young deaf and dumb girl who tragically lost her life and her spirit is alleged to wander still around the Abbey grounds to this day. She was very poor and mainly lived off the scraps from the Abbey kitchens – taking what she could whilst nobody watched . A bit like Casper she apparently is a ‘friendly ghost’ and does not take it upon herself to scare the wits out of people by chucking ectoplasm around or rattling chains in the various rooms still open to the public.

I’m not quite a total cynic when it comes to people who believe in ghosts…each to their own, but personally I’ve never been one to be bothered by things that go bump in the night.

After deliberation on the various venues available, we actually chose Newstead Abbey for our wedding reception. To be fair the only White Lady I saw that day was my wife in her wedding dress as we were both manoeuvred around the grounds for the various ‘arty’ shots that eventually made it into our wedding album. We even walked down the famous White Lady’s Walk but nothing remotely ghostly occurred.

So back inside we went to the reception – and greeted the guests as is traditional to do…you’ve only just got married and your first task is to split up and go around ensuring every else is having a wonderful time.

It was later during the evening part of the reception that the only unexplainable thing happened…..we had laid on an buffet, we had circa 150 guests and hence so as not to go short there were tables positively laden with food in the upstairs of the reception hall. I was still being dutiful and going around greeting people – seeing some I’d not met for years when towards the end of the evening my stomach decided to inform me through growling loudly that it was probably time for me to eat something so I headed upstairs.

Now whilst some of the guests may have been hungry – ALL THE FOOD was gone….how spooky was that ?  Maybe there’s something to the White Lady story after all.


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