Schrodinger’s Car Keys….

Have you ever needed something and can’t quite lay your hands on it ? Am I the only one who goes back to look in the same place more than once to check when trying to find it…just in case.

Car keys are my own personal nemesis. When ticking the options list for the car I must somehow have selected the ‘poltergeist’ car key variant rather than the standard key as I appear to possess (no pun intended) the former but not the latter.

It’s quite straight forward really…I come in, close the front door and place the car keys on the radiator shelf at the bottom of the stairs (er…message to all would be thieves : I actually don’t place them on the shelf, I carry them with me at all times, even in the shower) – phew hopefully got away with that one in case the insurance company ever read this !

Anyway there they are on the shelf…yep checked…still there.

Then comes a break of ten minutes/ half an hour/ an hour…until the car is once again needed for a shopping trip / dad’s taxi / refuge from our attack dog (Notice I didn’t say nagging wife*)

I thus go to the radiator shelf and…nope they’re no longer there.

They are quite obviously in a quantum state…neither there nor apparently here, in all places and no place at the same time.

They have vanished….

I search the house up and down….I keep going back to check the radiator shelf…but still they fail to appear. As the shelf is in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs it gets checked when I leave any of the downstairs rooms and also as I pass it when I go upstairs, it gets checked when I come back downstairs. They are still not there.

For the umpteenth time I go back to it just in case…well you never know.

They’re still not there !

Eventually just at the point of giving up I spy them….sitting there all innocently, on the bottom stair just to the side of the shelf.

Did they fall, did they self-levitate across the gap ? Or did I just actually leave them down there in the first place ?

I’ll put it down to a quantum blip, I’m sure that was all it was. But at least now I’ve got them…until the next time Mr Schrodinger lends them a hand.

* NB: My wife doesn’t nag….with someone as perfect as me ( you can stop laughing please) what is there to nag about and anyway as sound unfortunately travels through glass the car, which has a windscreen and side windows made of the stuff, would be no place to hide at all if she did !


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