Julius Ceasar

Julius Ceasar. I may be wrong but wasn’t it he that changed the world forever when he invented a well known Salad ? ..oh and I believe he also had something to do with an extra day once in a while.

Now (post Gregorian reform) we have a leap day every 4 years turning that particular year into what we commonly term a leap-year. Well actually just to confuse everyone it’s not every 4 years just ones that are divisible by 4, unless the year in question is also exactly divisible by 100 in which case you don’t apply the extra day, unless that particular century happens also to be divisible by 400 in which case you do – with me so far ?

What does this actually mean…well I guess it means somewhere we have to account for the extra day. So after much deliberation, February 29th was born.

This extra day leads to some interesting anomalies – for example I found out that dependant on where you are in the world, if you happened to be born on the 29th of February your birthday is designated to be either the 28th of February or the 1st March. Not actually knowing anyone with a birthday on this particular day I actually used to wonder when I was younger, did someone born on the 29th February only get presents every four years ? Was it also a fact that they remained in school for most of their lives being that I aged four times as quick as them and thus at a true 16, got out much sooner ! ‘When I’m 64’ by the Beatles hence had a completely different meaning to me.

This also means that if you were born in the UK on the 29th February, unless your 18th Birthday coincides with a leap day year,  to go out and buy alcohol for the first time (as if – LOL) to celebrate your acceptance in adulthood, you would have to first fly to New Zealand as they recognise your official birthday two days earlier than the country you were born in – imho the best excuse for a road-trip ever !

One other fact is that by ‘tradition’ on this day, women get to propose to their chosen ones instead of the other way round.

Now here I am already married and thus to accept a proposal from another woman would be both bigamous and very dangerous to my health (my wife would kill me !) – that said, from an egotistical point of view it would be very nice to be given the option. How good the feeling to know that given different circumstances someone may value me enough to be prepared to spend a portion of their life with me.

I wonder whether at any time today someone out there paraphrases Julius Ceasar and I get to see or hear the immortal words….

Veni, Vidi, Proponi


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