Oscars 2012

As well as loving music I’m also a bit of a film buff and I’ve just heard on the news that ‘The Artist’ won five awards at film’s most glitzy ceremony including Best Actor.

I didn’t watch the live ceremony but know through past experience when the Best Actress / Best Actor come up to make their acceptance speech that they can get a bit carried away and start a gushing monologue about how humbled they are to receive such accolation etc etc etc. In fact I’m sure several have over stepped the mark of time quite considerably.

I’m hoping the when I do get to see the ceremony highlights, things were different last night and when that French actor (can’t remember his name) stepped up to the podium things became a little surreal.

I can just imagine him opening his mouth and all you get to see is his lips moving. As this is happening a guy is walking across the stage brandishing various Black cards with White writing on; cards that read, “Thank you” , “I’m so proud”, “Whoops of joy” …

….and all you can actually hear is a man in the background furiously playing the piano !

Now that would be an Oscar Ceremony to remember.


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