Sand, Surf and that other word beginning with S (Part 1)

Notice I didn’t entitle this piece to include the word ‘Sun’. Why the sudden disappointment ? What word were you thinking of beginning with S ?

Although the sky is clear blue and the sun is there in the background, I don’t think today it will be there in the context most people will associate with trips to the seaside (I hope I’m proved wrong because the wind from Eastern Europe can be particularly vicious at this time of year).

The beach…it doesn’t matter what time of year you go there’s always that exciting feeling – at least for me. Today’s is no different as it’s the first time my wife and I are taking our dog who has yet to experience sand between her toes. As a running breed she loves open spaces – not that she appears claustrophobic in a town or city environment but that big sky feeling always seems to impress her more.

My son declined our invitation to join us…for few reasons

1. It involves fresh air

2. You can’t play Xbox on the move

3. At fifteen it’s not cool to go out with mum and dad to the beach as dad will probably only end up embarrassing him by wanting to make sandcastles

Anyway back to the story…we’re just about to leave and it is a bit of a toss-up who’s more excited…

….She knows she’s going out that’s plain to see as her tail is like a windscreen wiper on full speed..and now even the neighbours can hear with the howling that goes along with putting her walking harness on.

So despite my personal enthusiasm on the question of who’s probably more excited…..Guess it’s the dog !



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