Musical Youth

There was once a few young guys – two sets of brothers if memory serves me correct, who had a few minor hits. Their most famous being “Pass The Dutchie”. Now personally I have very eclectic musical tastes and whilst the teen-reggae tones of Musical Youth aren’t actually part of my collection I believe most people would be hard pressed to find in my collection a genre I didn’t have some example of. You name it…hard rock to classical, punk to opera, country AND western, reggae to musicals; yes even the odd soppy ballad thrown in for good measure (ok I give in; there’s no true christian music unless the odd track by Cliff Richard counts !).

Anyway…here I was in front of my computer rummaging through iTunes looking for a few tracks to play when into my home office walks my son. Now he knows I’m a big fan of music but his exclamation “HOW MANY ALBUMS” sort of brought into perspective just exactly how large my collection has become over the years. He stood there for a while shaking his head before departing back towards his own room.

It was only a few minutes later that he returned and asked, as all offspring do in that almost singing, pleading type of voice when they are after something, “Daaaad…have you got…” and he then proceeded to ask about loads of band’s music he wanted to add to his personal playlists. Surprisingly to him I didn’t dismiss some of the more obscure requests as by-chance or design I actually did have music by the artists he wanted…but once he started with “and do you also have…and…and also the one by…” I explained that the fruit based company we subscribe so much to have a thing called ‘Home Sharing’ which allows him through his iMac to select from my iTunes ones he wants and to copy them across without me having to intervene.

I left him to it and carried on working (well actually stumbling through various webpages to see what took my fancy in a non-so subtle attempt at work procrastination). Much later I asked him did you get what you want…yes he said but it took a while. His music folder has now increased by circa 4500 songs which whilst minor in the extreme in comparison to mine is still a large variety of music with which he can entertain himself.

So have I created a monster in my own image ?

The first album I can actually remember purchasing with my own money was at 14 when I went out and bought Parallel Lines. Whether it was because I was a fan of New Wave or just in love with Deborah Harry who knows but it started me on my journey. On his own personal journey at 15 my son already has a music collection bigger than I had in my 20’s  – just shows how much more accessible music is today (Thanks Dad !). I love the fact he too is eclectic in taste , willing to listen to new stuff before casting opinion and not like many of his peers ignorant and dismissive of anything not seen to ‘be cool’.

I don’t think I’ve created a monster….I’ve actually created a Musical Youth


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If you want to know more about what goes on in the chemical soup that I call a brain then have a trawl through my blog where my life to a degree is unveiled. Enjoy my life - I'm trying to. Rob
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